Writing workshop 19/20 January 2019

As part of the green stories writing competitions, we are holding a writing workshop to help you write a winning story. We encourage attendees to attend both days if they can but there are pricing options also just for single days – either Saturday or Sunday. The standard weekend price is £80 with discounts for students/on benefits and for early booking (before 19th Dec).

register on https://store.southampton.ac.uk/conferences-and-events/southampton-business-school/events/writing-for-sustainability-workshop

Day 1 Saturday 19th January focuses on idea generation around the competition themes. We will be exploring some of the topics on the green stories website and working in groups to brainstorm ideas for plots and characters. There will be opportunities to pitch your ideas and get feedback from the judges and the group.

Day 2 Sunday 20th Jan is about getting the words down. We will provide guidelines for getting on with the job of writing and set writing exercises around these guidelines. We will share research about what really helps writers get started and keep going. We will look at the blockages you may have to writing. We can also provide feedback on pieces that you may have written already or write during the sessions. If there is time and demand, we will choose some scenes among one or more of the ideas pitched to read out as a group and give feedback on.

The writing workshop will be hosted by  Dr Denise Baden (competition organiser and judge) and Shirley Wardell (additional judge from the Live Your Values Production Company who plans to stage the winning play).


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