Non-Fiction Books/Articles/Films/websites

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Buddhist Economics: Small is beautiful: economics as if people mattered by EF Schumacher,

A little dated and sexist but some great ideas otherwise

Another book that’s been suggested is Stories of the Great Turning. This is a collection of true stories from people who have changed their lives (in a variety of different ways) in response to climate change and other global issues

Here is a 21 minute film showcasing some of the projects that the sustainable development commission thought could have a transformative effect:

One of these projects is project dirt – their website present numerous sustainability-related projects

Another project is Groundwork which is about creating green employment – perhaps a story could be set in a groundwork project – see

For the more academic Springer are allowing open access to some of their articles that present research that has the potential to change the world for the better.

A competition by Global Action Plan has just launched to encourage young film-makers to submit ideas for films with themes around green solutions – check it out on

Finally here is a suggested list of the 300 best books to read to change the world. You can download as a PDF or Google Sheet