Industry partners

Our aim is not just to encourage writers, but to get excellent work published/produced. With that in mind, many organisations have agreed to help us.

BBC Writer’s room promote our competitions, and have asked us to send promising winners to them. There are no guarantees, but being a green story finalist at least gets you to the top of the read pile.

Similarly Red Production company ask us to send them the winning script from screenplay and TV formats.

Planet Zero production company are particularly interested in programmes/films that ‘product place’ the planet, and winning scripts from our recent QuiBi (10 minute format) and screenplay competitions were sent to them.

Graham Smith from the media consultancy Grand Scheme Media, liaises between writers and industry platforms such as Netflix, QuiBi and Terrestrial channels and has agreed to consider follow up any promising finalists in any script-based format.

Whistledown Productions asked us to send them winning Radio Play scripts.

‘Live your Values’ production company are interested in our winning stage plays.

In terms of literature, Peter Cox from the literary agency, Redhammer Management, has offered a one to one mentoring session with the winners.

Daniel Goldsmith literary consultancy offer half price manuscript appraisals for finalists from the novel competition.

Catherine Cho from Madeleine Milburn Industry also likes to look at winning entries.