Stories for children

This competition is free to enter. There will be prizes and routes to publication.

General Competition Information

We are looking for stories for children that in some way touch upon ideas around building a sustainable society. If you’d prefer to create your story in a different format, click here. We will consider all genres, and the story doesn’t have to be about sustainability or climate change directly – but stories must include green solutions.

Most stories set in the future are dystopian, meaning they have a pessimistic view of society. We will consider all stories, but we encourage you to imagine a more positive settings and practices for your stories. You can find out more about why we recommend positive stories by clicking here. Do feel free to draw upon the resources in this Green Stories website to write your story (found in the menu on the homepage. Each page provides links to articles/videos that describe the ideas and also ideas for how such ideas may be integrated into stories.

The first output from our green stories short stories competition is now available to buy ‘Resurrection Trust‘ – a collection of funny, dark, mad, bad, upbeat, downbeat and fantastical short stories about living sustainably. It has a foreword by Caroline Lucas and review by Jonathon Porritt. It’s £3.99/£7.99 available on Amazon or even better which allows you support your local bookshop. Writers may find it a useful source of ideas.

Children’s novel Guidelines

The Green Children stories prizes are sponsored by OrzoCoffee

Deadline: 14th September 2020 

Length:There will be two categories with corresponding suggested length: preschool/ illustrated books (2-6) max 1000 words; young readers category (7-11) max 2,500 words.

Format is double-spaced and numbered pages.  

Prizes: £400: £200 for best pre-school/illustrated book (aimed at age 2-6) and £200 for best novel in young reader’s category.

Eligibility: Open to all, as long as it has not been published elsewhere. All submissions must be in English and conform to the green stories criteria of showing a positive vision of what a sustainable society might look like or in some way smuggling in green solutions/policies/characters in the context of an otherwise mainstream story.  Entries must be submitted via the link below.

Route to publication: We have agreement from a literary agent from the top agency Curtis Brown to read the top entries and consider any writers they think suitable for representation.

Submit here.  Send as a pdf. 


Copyright: copyright stays with the author for text and visual materials.

Mix of illustrations and words:  Ideally, we prefer a mix of words and visuals. Some visuals might be only a storyboard, some might be more developed, but enough to give us an idea of how the visuals will support the story idea and give it context.