Non-Fiction Books/Articles/Films/websites

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Baden, D.: 2020, ‘Which work best? Cautionary tales or positive role models?  ‘, In Molthan-hill, P., H. Luna and D. Baden (Eds.), Storytelling for Sustainability in Higher Education: An Educator’s Handbook (Routledge, Abingdon).

Buddhist Economics: Small is beautiful: economics as if people mattered by EF Schumacher,

A little dated and sexist but some great ideas otherwise

Another book that’s been suggested is Stories of the Great Turning. This is a collection of true stories from people who have changed their lives (in a variety of different ways) in response to climate change and other global issues

Here is a 21 minute film showcasing some of the projects that the sustainable development commission thought could have a transformative effect:

One of these projects is project dirt – their website present numerous sustainability-related projects

Another project is Groundwork which is about creating green employment – perhaps a story could be set in a groundwork project – see

For the more academic Springer are allowing open access to some of their articles that present research that has the potential to change the world for the better.

Baden, D.: 2019, ‘Solution focused stories are more effective than catastrophic stories in motivating pro-environmental intentions  ‘, Ecopsychology 11 (4), 254-263

A competition by Global Action Plan has just launched to encourage young film-makers to submit ideas for films with themes around green solutions – check it out on

Finally here is a suggested list of the 300 best books to read to change the world. You can download as a PDF or Google Sheet