What next?

Our short story competition went very well with hundreds of entries, about 50 of which were excellent.

The resulting anthology of short stories ‘Resurrection Trust’’ will be published early 2019 by Retreat West publishers with a foreword by Caroline Lucas.

“Most people find it very difficult indeed to imagine what ‘living sustainably’ might really mean – and neither dry facts nor hypothetical scenarios seem to help very much! The Editors of Resurrection Trust have set out to address that challenge through the power of the short story, with as diverse, surprising and hugely enjoyable a collection of entries as one might expect from an open competition of this kind.” Jonathan Porritt.

Royalties will be put towards prizes for a series of competitions on a much larger scale next year, with more formats (film, screenplays, radio plays, stage plays, TV series, full-length novels etc.) and larger prizes and media involvement.

We’d love to hear from the following:

  • Organisations that share values of sustainability, creativity and positivity to sponsor a prize.
  • Well-known authors, script writers or TV personalities with an interest in the environment to present prizes.
  • Producers, commissioning editors, agents etc.  who can work with us in the next round of competitions to translate winning entries into actual programmes, films, plays and novels.