Refreeze the Glaciers

Several academic papers have been published that have suggested approaches of this type to combat the climate crisis but no work has been done as yet. Our anthology introduces this solution in several stories such as Refreeze the Arctic, Drambers, Project Slowdown and Penang Fairhaven: A Visitor’s Guide.

Our experts have classed this solution as ‘audacious’ (high gain / high risk).

How does this solution rate on:

Climate impact: tonnes of carbon saved/removed?
Climate adaptation-resilienceEssential to manage sea level rise.
Social justice i.e. addresses inequalities, diversity, inclusion?
Cost of action needed to progress goalHigh. This would be a massive, equipment-heavy trial but the cost of failure would be even higher.
Which location is the solution most needed/applicableMountain, Arctic and Antarctic glaciers.
RiskThere is a significant risk that this approach will not work.

The ‘moral hazard’ risk of doing this work being a distraction is also low, as it is now too late for that. All and every solution need to be urgently tried together in parallel.
FeasibilityThis proposal may not work. It needs to be tried at a representative scale.

Assuming that reducing emissions will somehow solve this problem is to choose failure. Some effort on the ground, at the location where the issue is taking place, will be required.

Do your own research on the solution

This video from the Just Have a Think Youtube channel explains the latest research on the glaciers in Antarctica.

Antarctica is a ‘game of two halves’. East Antarctica is a mile thick ice sheet on top of solid bedrock. But the ice on West Antarctica sits precariously above and below the sea line on a series of islands. The country sized glaciers on it’s outer edges, that keep the ice flow at bay, have been receding for years, but now new research has shown the disintegration of Thwaites, or Doomsday, Glacier is accelerating fast.

Interested in progressing this solution further?

Actions for policymakersNeeds international cooperation in Antarctica.
Actions for funding bodiesRequires massive funding over a long period.
Actions for businessBuy albedo credits.
Actions for public  Social media campaigns & lobbying of governments.
Find your government representative or Member of Parliament and email them, whether you are in Australia; Canada; UK; USA or elsewhere.
Vote for ‘The Party of the Future’.