Suck It Up: How you can turn a story into reality

The story is about carbon capturing mechanical “trees” which use a chemical resin to passively absorb carbon dioxide when dry, and then release and store it when wet. Colin and Kristy, two high school friends and environmentalists, return home from college for winter break. Colin has made a “fake” tree that captures carbon, and he wants to display it in Kristy’s Christmas tree lot.  Immersed in climate angst and activism, romance is ignited!

Now that you have finished reading ‘Suck It Up’ by Brian Adams, it’s time to turn the story into reality.

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Suck It Up is one of 24 short stories from the anthology No More Fairy Tales: Stories To Save Our Planet. Buy the eBook direct here. The paperback is available on order from your bookshop, via Amazon or direct from the publisher.

Meet the author: Brian Adams

Brian Adams is the author of three romantic comedies (Love in the Time of Climate Change, KABOOM!, and Offline), that have won numerous independent book awards. He is a former sex educator and a Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science. His first novel is currently being adapted into a screenplay, His writings deal with intense topical issues (climate change, mountain-top removal, cell phone addiction) and straddle that very fine line between humor and tragedy. He is the co-owner of Phippenadams Solar which installs solar electric systems on the roofs of non-profits. He lives in Northampton, Massachusetts in a zero net energy house with his wife, his cat, and his awesome vegetable garden.