Film Screenplay


Ended June 2020

Joint first prize has gone to Blind Eye by Anna Holmes and Future Wonderful by Mike Roberts. Coming a close second is Hatch by Judith Stutchbury.

Joint 1st – Anna Holmes, Blind Eye

“A great success of this script is locating the plight to save forestry in a global context and showing how interdependent we are as a community.” Winning the green stories competition helped Anna to secure a publishing deal with the Book Guild for her novel ‘Blind Eye’.

Joint 1st – Mike Roberts, Future Wonderful

Future Wonderful uses an excellent framing device using the future to reflect on the past; allowing Hetty, a girl from 2155, travel back in time by way of thunderstorm to 2019. Here, she reveals the devastating effects of global warming and inspires the Lee family to co-author a book advocating for immediate environmental change to save the planet.” 

Close 2nd prize – Judith Stutchbury, Hatch

This is a beautiful, touching story about protecting our oceans focused on a young turtle, Hatch, and a sea princess, or ocean angel.”