Green Energy

Energy is something we constantly rely on. It is a staple in our lives, but the trouble is, a lot of the energy that we are provided with, is damaging to the environment. Cue green energy entrepreneurs, who are investigating the option of using natural waste in order to provide energy.

For example, this particular green entrepreneur is looking at solving a health crisis in Kenya, whilst providing sustainable green energy options too.
His name is Andrew Foote, an environment engineer looking at transforming human waste into energy. Follow the link here to find out more about this faecal entrepreneur.

Bricking it: turning human waste into clean fuel

There are others who are looking into similar schemes, such as this scheme in India who are looking into also turning waste into energy.

See here.

The idea of waste to energy was also flirted with in the series “The Good Life” – Series 1 Episode 5 – The thing in the cellar.

Positive News always has details of latest innovations in renewable energy e.g. see Good Energy Archives – Positive News – Positive News

Grand Designs: However, as we all know, sometimes it takes an individual to take action. This couple went on the TV show Grand Designs to show their construction of a fully self-sufficient house. They created a toilet system whereby it filters and separates solids to wood, and they are then able to make the solid waste into compost.
Read the article here.

Bioactive Building

Here is an article about using algae as a building material – it absorbs CO2 and provides insulation

Great resources to keep up to date are the Sky Daily Climate Show – 15 minutes every day. Or BBC’s 39 ways to save the planet.

Story Ideas

You can make this idea a sub plot in a story about a family surviving in a post-apocalyptic world and showcase how they build a waste to energy system. But we are more interested in showcasing sustainable solutions in more positive ways if possible. So perhaps your story does not have to be about climate change at all – it could be a rom-com or drama etc. but set in a peaceful happy society that is functioning very efficiently where everything from energy to food is sourced locally.Ā  So everyone uses waste for energy as part and parcel of everyday life. Or to draw on more established green energy options, you could set your story in a community that is profiting from its own renewable energy system – there are lots of examples you can find online of community energy projects using solar, wind farms etc. Again the story doesn’t need to be about a community energy farm or project, but could be a crime drama set in such a community, that at the same time as an exciting whodunnit, also highlights the benefits to the community of a local renewable energy system. Marwell Zoo in Hampshire are using their own animals waste as an energy source, perhaps there could be dog poo loos? Composting toilets currently provide a sustainable option that uses less water and creates great compost, could each household have one in their back garden? Could they be developed to also provide energy?