Interactive Fiction

Thanks to PRME UK Chapter for sponsoring this prize

This competition is free to enter. There will be prizes and routes to production/publication.

General Competition Information

We are looking for Interactive Fiction pieces that in some way touch upon ideas around building a sustainable society or showcase green ideas, practices or technologies. If you’d prefer to create your story you can view the other mediums here.

Most stories and games set in the future are dystopian, meaning they have a pessimistic view of society. We encourage you to imagine a more positive settings and practices for your story. You can find out more about why we recommend positive stories here. Do feel free to draw upon the resources in this Green Stories website to write your story. Each story ideas/resources page provides links to articles/videos that describe the ideas behind it as well as ideas for how such information might be integrated into your story. For example you could write a piece of Interactive Fiction that promotes the well-being index and/or make use of ideas on our pages such as sustainable foodgreen energy, green transportsharing economy etc.

The first output from our green stories short stories competition is now available to buy ‘Resurrection Trust‘ – a collection of funny, dark, mad, bad, upbeat, downbeat and fantastical short stories about living sustainably. It has a foreword by Caroline Lucas and review by Jonathon Porritt. It’s £3.99/£7.99 available on Amazon or even better which allows you support your local bookshop. Writers may find it a useful source of ideas.

Interactive Fiction Guidelines

Thanks to PRME UK Chapter for sponsoring this prize

Deadline:  deadline extended to 3rd Feb 2020

Details: We’re looking for interactive fiction entries, from both individuals and creative teams, consisting of a complete story or demo of a longer piece.

Your entry should be no longer than 30 minutes worth of gameplay in total. It may be the whole piece, the opening section, or a subsequent chapter or scene.

If you’re new to Interactive Fiction, there is a wealth of free software available, such as Ink and Twine for producing playable interactive scripts, as well as programming tools based on natural language, such as Inform7. Good examples of Interactive Fiction can be found via The Interactive Fiction Competition and The Interactive Fiction Database.

Prizes: £750: 1st prize £500, 2nd prize £100, third prize £50. An additional prize of £50 for the best student submission (18-25 years) and £50 for best < 18-year submission (if sufficient high-quality entries). If a student or under 18 entry is the best overall then it will win first prize regardless of whether the entry is from a student or under 18, and the student (or under 18 prize) will then go to the next best student (or under 18 prize) entry.

Eligibility: Open to all, as long as it has not been published elsewhere. All submissions must be in English and conform to the green stories criteria of showing a positive vision of what a sustainable society might look like or in some way smuggling in green solutions/policies/characters in the context of an otherwise mainstream story.  Entries must be submitted via the link below.

In addition, Talespinners is offering narrative feedback for 1st place, best student, and the under 18 winner. This feedback will take the form of editorial notes on their entry and a one hour feedback session via Skype, etc.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Entries must not infringe on the Copyright of others. If an entry includes any third-party created or owned material, whether text, images, music, audio, or work in or from any other medium, you must have the permission of the original creator or license holder.
  2. Entries must be freely accessible for the Judges to play. Your entry must be accessible and playable via the files you’ve submitted (an Ink file, Twine file, etc), or hosted online and the URL made available.
  3. Entries should be no longer than 30 minutes worth of gameplay. If your piece is longer than 30 minutes, please select a demo section of this duration or less that best represents the piece.
  4. Entries should be accompanied by a brief overview. Please provide a brief overview of your entry, no more than 100-500 words, as a PDF.
  5. Entries should be accompanied by a full credit list. Please provide details, the names and their roles, of everyone involved in creating the piece, as a PDF.
  6. Submit here. 

We are collaborating with Talespinners, an outsource writing studio, a cooperative providing writing, narrative design, and consultancy for games and interactive media, on the details of this competition.