Flash Fiction

Ended March 2020

Congratulations to our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.
The judges loved your writing! Here are the winners and a note from each writer on their fiction. 
1st – Andrea Reisenauer, The Birch Translator
“This little story focuses on a bright not-so-distant future in which humans have learned to work with the environment through the help of translators to create truly sustainable living for everyone.”
2nd – Susan James, Trash Canned
“The story isn’t about sustainability directly but it introduces the notion of a zero-waste expert and how that might be seen by someone who doesn’t have much of an idea as to what that means.”
3rd – Matt Kendrick, How to Re-Fill an Invisible Balloon
“This story revolves around the issue of reducing single-use plastic as well as touching on issues such as ocean / beach pollution and climate anxiety.”You can listen to our Flash Fiction playlist here!
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