TV Series

Ended Nov 2019

We had three joint 1st prize winners:

Sophie Overton   ‘The Planet Pals’ Children’s animation. ‘This children’s animated TV series shows that anyone, big or small possesses the power to help their planet. These many magical and exciting adventures follows a team of best friends who soar through the skies subtly teaching children how they can make a difference to the world as the main characters explore green themes, teamwork, creativity, innovation, passion, and a little bit of magic. It is a TV series that the entire family can fall in love with and has the power to make a difference. Judges comments: Excellent – very clever writing style with excellent attention to detail. Absolutely targeted correctly at the right young age group. I can visualise the animation.

 Sarah and Clare Twomey S.C.R.A.P.S. This is a sitcom set in a charity shop. Judges comments: Engaging and funny with a clear green message. The amount of work that has gone into S.C.R.A.P.S is impressive, and I like the slightly more subtle take on a green story. Decently written with amusing character types, clear conflict, thought out exposition and returnable series idea .The first episode made me laugh (especially Liam, mistaken as a criminal) and this has potential to show a character undergo a transformation in an entertaining way.

 Melanie Homes  Eco Island

Eco Island is a story about a family who embark on an environmental reality TV show where they have to spend six weeks on a remote island and live a more sustainable way of life.  While the eyes of the world are on them, Harry and his family and the other participants must face numerous challenges along the way in the hope of being voted the winner of Eco Island. Judges comments: Read from start to finish. Couldn’t put it down. Top marks for quality and entertainment. Loved it! Could see it on TV. I want more!

 Best Student Entry winner

Miriam Gabert  6-Step Program

The 6-Step Program is a 30 min comedy sitcom, that portrays the lives of a group of secondary school students as they try to turn their school into a sustainable institution, with each episode tackling a different environmental issue. When the popular girl of the school suddenly decides to “go-green” she asks an outsider that has a lot of knowledge on sustainability to join her and create the 6-step Program. Together, they create a game plan to re-structure the school while also dealing with the ups and downs of growing up.

Each episode is told from the perspective of a different character, highlighting not only the diverse backgrounds, problems and questions they have and how they deal within their social context, but also, their particular response to the environmental issue at hand.

Judges comments: Excellent script, “mean girls” story. I really enjoyed 6-step program and could easily visualise it. Very entertaining and inspiring for the future generation.