1. I found your web site two years ago and thought the competition advertized then was a one off – and I’d just missed it. I have just, this morning, come across your site again, in time to miss today’s your workshop.
    Meanwhile I have written a novel which is basically love story between two people coping with a tough time who fall in love and try to discover a way forward in today’s world. She was widowed three years earlier and has been feeling all life is over for her. He works part time as he has to care for his elderly dad who is rather a character. The main story line is organizing a meeting, against the wishes of the status quo – to discuss the proposals for restoring an old railway line – and discovering in the process that this good news is not all that’s in the pipe line.
    The couple or not fully eco. He works for an organic greengrocer, she basically just avoids plastic, but at odd points in the story they come up against a new green idea and see how they could take this on board. Would you like me to send it to you?

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