Changes to script competition

The aim of the green stories writing competitions is to try to create a cultural body of work showcasing green solutions to a mainstream audience via fiction. Because it is so difficult for new writers to break into film or TV we are now focussing our competitions on formats that offer better opportunities for new writers such as radio and books. For this reason the competition (deadline 26/8/2021) that originally asked for scripts without specifiying whether tv, radio or screenplay is now limited to radio play/series – see  

Please wait until the submission links are available (from May) before submitting.


    1. Hi
      You can join our Facebook page or follow on Twitter. But we aren’t accepting submissions yet for our competitions for a month or two until we set up the submission links.

  1. Hi…
    Are the initially publicised TV aspects of the competition – and, crucially, the links with Red Productions and The Production Company – now dead and buried?
    Regards, Pete

    1. Hi
      I’ve been disappointed in their take up of winning manuscripts so have removed tv/film related competitions as they seem extremely unlikely to lead to take up by production companies. More likely route is via novel/radio adaptations.

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