Orna Ross: New sponsor for Green Stories. £1500 cash prizes for novel prize

We’re keen to take the Green Stories writing competitions to the next step – it’s not enough to win a prize, we want to help our winners get PUBLISHED. Traditional publishing can be extremely hard to break into as a new author, so who better to help than Orna Ross, the novelist and poet who set up the Alliance of Independent Authors?

“I’m delighted to sponsor this worthy competition and its mission of creating a body of cultural work that showcases stories of green solutions, and presents positive visions of what a sustainable society might look like. We hope the Prize will encourage novelists and aspiring novelist to address their storytelling talents to new planetary possibilities. Such visions are now urgently needed, to balance endless tales of climate catastrophe, and to reach beyond the eco-community and influence new hearts and minds through the transformative power of fiction.” 

Orna will sponsor a prize of £1000 for the winning entry and £500 for runner up plus a package of mentoring help to get the winning entries self-published.  

We strongly believe that manuscript appraisals are crucial to get your manuscript the best it can be, so to assist with this, we are delighted that the established literary consultancy Daniel Goldsmith Associates are offering Green Stories a half price manuscript appraisal (worth £300-400) for the top three entries.  

We’ll also help to market winning books through the Green Stories platform by requiring entrants to prove they have read at least one of the books that have emerged from previous years. Watch this space as we hope to have details confirmed in September in time for the December 2021 prize.  


  1. Sounds like a great idea! Can I just check — are children’s novels acceptable for this competitiion? Many thanks!

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