Interactive Fiction

UN Principles of Responsible Management Education (UK Chapter) sponsored our interactive fiction prize in 2019.

Ended  Feb 2020

The judges have enjoyed all the Interactive Fiction you sent us and the winners have been selected.

1st Prize – ‘Frequently Asked Questions’
by Miloslav Brousil and Jitka Vagnerova

Congratulations Miloslav and Jitka, the judges loved your well written fiction.

“After boarding the train to Polis for the first time, a child’s virtual assistant stops working, leaving the small traveller alone on board.
FAQ is a simple story of ‘first impressions’ and simultaneously multi-generational confession of ordinary people coping with ever-changing world.”

With no 3rd prize but a three way tie for 2nd prize!

‘Next Door’ by Caroline Delbert
“In Next Door, you quietly nose around your neighbor’s house (with their blessing!) for items you can recycle to use in your garden—from seeds and fertilizer to implements and inspiration.”

‘Phoenix’ by Sashi Gopalakrishnan
“Phoenix is an interactive narrative set in 2031. In the future, all businesses are subject to a sustainability check and marked on how ‘green’ they are. The player takes on the role of a sustainability assessor and must check different businesses to see if they are sustainable and what can be done to improve it. In the demo, the player can pick between a taxi company or an insect restaurant.”

‘The Insect’ by George Larkwright
“The Insect is a short piece about climate change, habitat renewal, and crawling on cadavers. It was made in Bitsy, and can be played here: ”

The judges had such a difficult choice they had to award 2nd place to the three of you. Congratulations.

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