Two events in Southampton

4th October 2023, 7.30 pm – 9pm. Talk at Southampton Central Library on eco-themed rom-com Habitat Man, set in Southampton. Free entry. Please book here.

‘Murder in the Citizens’ Jury’ University of Southampton 11th Nov 3pm – 4pm Free entry but tickets may go fast. Location: University of Southampton, Highfield Campus. Building 6 (old Nuffield Theatre) room 1077. Book here.

This is a one-man play of 25 minutes written by Denise Baden, from the University of Southampton and performed by star of stage and screen Jack Klaff. It is a drama exploring the ethical crisis of the Director of Public Prosecutions who has to decide whether to prosecute a murder. If he does so, he will alienate his family, and it will mean the end for citizens’ assemblies – a form of direct democracy which many believe could be the silver bullet to avert a climate crisis.

This dramatic monologue is based on the novella ‘The Assassin’. The play raises awareness of the potential of Citizens’ Assemblies as a way to reboot our democracy and allow it to make more sustainable climate-friendly decisions.

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