Winners of Green Stories novel prize announced

We are delighted to report the winners of this years Green Stories Novel prize.

First prize is the outstanding entry, ‘Time Hack’ by Marianne Pickles. Here is an extract from what our judges had to say: ‘Immensely readable. Crackling with interest and excitement. It’s post the apocalypse but the story offers tangible glimpses of a sustainable future.’

We had real trouble choosing our runner up so we appointed a joint second prize to three entries:

  • ‘Windcatchers’ by Christine Rorden. ‘Extremely engaging and well written. The relationship between the two cultures, both striving “after the fall” for sustainability, makes for a wonderful read.’
  • ‘Fairhaven’ by Steve Willis and Jan Lee. ‘An exciting exploration of the idea of the ocean as a nation in its own right’.
  • ‘Norfolk Recreation Hub ‘by Celeste Lovick. ‘A creative futuristic novel with great potential for highlighting green solutions’.

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