The circular economy


The circular economy looks to divert from the traditional linear methods of our product life cycle. Instead of the relatively disposable philosophy that we hold for most of our belongings, the circular economy looks at really maximizing those products and redeeming every atom of value from them, and then perhaps passing that on to turn into something else, or finding it a home where the new owner still finds value in that item – instead of simply, disposing of it.


Here is a 4 minute overview of the idea of the circular economy

Here is an 11 minute more personal account of circular economy ideas

See here for companies adopting circular economy practices.


Story Ideas

You can make this idea the focus of the story, for example the story can be about an entrepreneur who decides to try to create a completely carbon-neutral business. Maybe an existing CEO sees the light and turns his/her business around. There are some real-life tales of such epiphanies e.g. a great book by Ray Anderson CEO of the carpet firm Interface chronicles his turning point moment see

Also take a look at a great 4 minute video where he talks about that moment

A less radical example is Lee Scott CEO of Walmart was reputedly moved by love of his grand-daughter to adopt more sustainable business practices see

Courts are increasingly forcing companies to step up to climate change so you can have a legal drama or show the process of transition. To do this well, get informed about what kinds of measures that would take. Even better, include green solutions that everyone can engage with, not just CEOs of oil companies.