Upcoming writing competitions

Coming up for 2020: These are all free to enter, and open to all as long as they are written in English and meet the green stories criteria – see ‘about the competitions’ tab for more details

Flash Fiction 21/3/2020

Screenplay 18/4 2020

Quibi 23/5/2020

Novel (for adults) 2/6/2020

Children’s stories 14/9/2020


  1. Imagine peace. One world, one word–facts, work out a compromise.

    Would you be interested in my novel Unum, fantasy, 74,000 words?

    Growing up, Arthur Pennington was repeatedly told that the Apocalypse was inevitable. However, as an organic farmer he began to observe the natural laws of nature. Such as, how was it that 60,000 bees could live together in a single hive, in perfect peace and harmony? Because, they had but one ruler . . . the queen bee. And such as, why were sheepdogs always so loyal to their flocks? Because immediately after they were born and placed into a brood of lambs, they grew up believing that they were just part of one big happy family.

    With these and other natural laws of nature, Arthur now believed that he himself could save this world. How? By recruiting as many young people as he possibly could, volunteers from his farm, college students and so on. And then firstly teaching them, but only two things. That there will be this one single word, that must be a common denominator for the soon-to-be eight billion people on this tiny planet–facts. And that secondly, they must then work out some sort of a compromise.

    And, before it is too late: poverty, inequality, crime, pollution, overpopulation, famine, deforestation, viral epidemics, shrinking biodiversity, synthetic biology, ecological collapse, EMPs, robots, artificial intelligence and last but not least . . . a nuclear holocaust.

    Thank you

  2. Helllo,
    I would like to participate in the children’s stories competition, where can I find the details?

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