Adult Novel 2020 competition

We are delighted to announce that David Fell has won first prize for his novel ‘Visco’. We may have visions of what a sustainable society might look like, but how could we possibly get there? This story imagines a giant music festival which allows free access to those who need care and their carers and designs a care-based mini-society. But they love it so much, no one wants to go home when the music stops. So they don’t! David brings to this novel all the knowledge he has gained in his years working as a sustainability consultant, and packages it with engaging characters and an exciting plot.

Joint second prize goes to Nick Taylor Buck for ‘Into the Green’. This is an exciting tale dealing with issues of rainforest destruction. The rainforest comes alive with tactile and colourful descriptions, and the opening scene is breathlessly exciting.

Also joint second is ‘Hopeful Lori’ by Scarlet Placzek, again about rainforest destruction. This is a strong character-driven story about an overly sincere lecturer who comes out of her shell as she fights for green issues. She sees the world in black and white terms but has to learn empathy as she falls in love with a man whose actions she has previously deplored. The author refers to her own professional experience in the sustainability industry and the tree regeneration method FMNR.