Adult Short Story Competition Feb 2022

Congratulations to our winner:

1st place: ‘Ground up’ by Canadian Author Elizabeth Kurucz. This explores the connections between personal and ecological flourishing in the Anthropocene.  The narrative takes the reader on the psychological and agricultural journey of a rural American man who repairs both community and soil relations. It was beautifully written, moving, well-structured, well-paced and a complete epic in a short space – a stand-out.

2nd place: ‘An Up and Coming Business’ by Alyson Hilbourne. This humorous story shows the revenge and the success of the little man and shows that something good can come out of even the worst situation as the narrator sets up a green graveyard scheme in his town.  This was a perfectly structured gem of a story, with a satisfying twist.

3rd place: ‘The Last Dragon Slayer’ by Angela Cotton. A delightful fantasy where a successfully decarbonising near future-UK faces the effects of a new problem: an escaped genie and its CO2-emitting dragons. Sent to deal with a dragon in the devolved region of Cornwall, dragon slayer Jasper gets more than he bargains for.