Radio Play

British Academy of Management, Sustainable and Responsible Business special interest group sponsored prizes for our Radio Play competition in 2019.

Ended July 2019

1st prize: Voices from an eco-future by Adrian Ellis. 8 x15 minute radio drama

A strong winner. This is a series of 8 x 15-minute stories, all of which have interesting ideas, and anti-consumption messages wrapped up in humour, great characterization and snappy dialogue. Each one made us laugh out loud in places.

2nd prize: ‘I am your dress by Yvonne  Sampson. 45-minute drama

This draws on the idea of a dress going through many hands, and smuggles in green solutions such as washing cold, drip-drying and clothes libraries.

3rd prize: The Roof Gardenby Jill Hucklesby. 45-minute radio comedy

This was very sweet, with lots of drama and richly drawn characters. It promotes very subtly love of nature, solar panels, electric cars.