Submission now open for the 5-min Video Competition

Governments can regulate and businesses can design greener products, but the over-consumption at the heart of our climate and biodiversity crisis is predominantly a cultural issue. Research suggests that role models can affect behaviour, often on an unconscious level, for better or worse. We need heroes and fictional role models who walk more lightly on our planet.

We want to encourage the industry to move away from fictional characters who are implicitly promoting high carbon consumption. In ten years, when mounting waste and climate change is impossible to ignore, we might squirm at the glorification of excessive consumption in the same way we now squirm at the casual racism and sexism in seventies sitcoms. But we don’t have ten years to waste, so let’s start the conversation now.

We want you to create a short video – up to 5 minutes that addresses this issue. We want to start a conversation with the video – one that asks if it is okay, in a time of climate and biodiversity crisis that many of the top series and films have characters whose lifestyles threaten our beautiful planet?

£500 (or $/local currency equivalent) + lots of exposure for the winner. Deadline is 31st May 2022 and submission platform is now open.

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