Winners announced for Orna Ross Green Stories Novel Prize

We are delighted to share that Lou Reade has won first prize of £1000 for his novel ‘Unfrozen’. It has the great premise of a man waking up forty odd years into the future after having been cryogenically frozen. The family dynamics of his children now being older than him, and the question of why he got frozen in the first place provide the hook to the reader. Being set in the future also allows us to see what a sustainable society might look like if we’d done a few things right! Our prize includes a package of extras to help Lou develop his manuscript and get published and we hope to mentor him through the process. Watch this space!

Second prize of £500 goes to Leanne Wilson for ‘Secret Summer Meadow’. As it’s set firmly within the romance genre, this charming story meets the criteria of subtly embedding green solutions into a story aimed at a mainstream audience. Again we hope to mentor Leanne in developing this to publishable standard via a half price manuscript appraisal from Daniel Goldsmith, and membership of the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Special mention also goes to Helena Stakounis for ‘The Fridays.’ This had tons of potential and we’ll be helping Helena to get it to publishable standard via manuscript appraisal and ALLi membership.

We will be running the Orna Ross Green Stories Novel Prize again in 2022, deadline 1st December. See the relevant page for details.

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