Submissions open for Orna Ross Green Stories Novel prize

Prepare early if you plan to submit, as we are keen to ensure that this year, we get more entries that truly meet the criteria of embedding climate solutions, not just raising awareness of green issues. To this end, we ask you to read one or more of our Green Stories publications that we believe take a solution-focused rather than problem-focused approach. If you win, hopefully next year your book will feature! See here for details.


  1. Hello. Please advise. I am preparing to submit an entry for the novel competition. I have selected three chapters, composed a synopsis and prepared answers to your questions on preparatory reading. However, please clarify whether all these should be included in one file. Thank you.

    1. Yes it says on the website ‘typically novels are 60,000 – 95,000 words. Submit three chapters* (minimum of 4000 words, maximum 10,000 words) as one document that must include the following….

      1. What I mean is, do the questions on reading done to prepare for this need to be answered, too, in that file, or should the answers be submitted elsewhere in the application? Please advise.

        1. Hi. No they are answered elsewhere on the submission platform. I added a note to the instructions to make this clear.

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